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Granny's Alliance Equipment

Handwashing Units

Handwashing Units

Granny's handwashing units are a vital ingredient in assisting with the sanitation issues facing companies.
Employee absences due to illnesses are greatly reduced by using hot water and anti-bacterial soaps.
We offer a variety of models with on-demand hot water, anti-bacterial handwashing soap and bio-friendly towels.
Granny's Equipment

Granny's Equipment serving during Hurricane Ike / Gustav in Lufkin, Texas        
During Hurricane Ike and Gustav we were proud to serve the military, truck drivers, and evacuees in various forward operating bases from Louisiana to Texas.   Granny's Mobile Shower Units, Laundry Units, Handwashing Units, Command Centers and Mobile Sleeping Units were vital for the basic necessities during these disasters. Our equipment was contracted by FEMA, Various Electrical Companies, Hospitals and the State of Louisiana and our crews maintained a service of excellence by providing State of the Art equipment, a smile and a temporary place for those in need to come home.

Union Pacific

Granny's Alliance Equipment on the job with UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD
Granny's served the Union Pacific Railroad by providing mobile shower units, command centers, and sleeping units. We have the capacity to be a completely self-sufficient operation by utilizing our on-board propane generators and various water service vehicles which enable us to operate in remote areas, or during power outages.  As one FACL said, "with Granny's you know the job is getting done."


Women Owned, Small Business Certified | CCR and ORCA Registered | Member of CSCTX: Safety Council of Texas City |
NASAP: North American Substance Abuse Program | FEMA #1 Responder National Contractor | NIFC National Mobile Shower Contractor
State of Louisianna Emergency Mobile Equipment Contractor | R4, R5, R6 VIPR and IBPA USDA Contractor

NAICS CODES: 115310, 484220, 561210, 561720, 561990, 624221, 624230, 722320, 722330, 812320

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